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I.M. Abandoned 2 Oct 2020

Perhaps in better language 'I have been abandoned'. Who may have abandoned me? Perhaps God, parents, family, friends, teachers.


Not long ago a person told me: "We have tried everything with you ...". It sounded big, especially the 'we'. As if a group of people had discussed my case and they all agreed that nothing worked with me. In this case I doubted the 'everything' and I began to ask if the person could give me some examples of what they had tried. That made the accusation smaller and more bearable. My first response was feeling 'abandoned' and it did hurt.

When I was a teenager, I did not meet all of my fathers expectations. He expected me to perform better. It felt like I did never anything well, abandoned. It did hurt. I felt bad.

For the first 32 years and as far as I remember I was not aware of the love of God. Some of my prayers are not answered. I could feel as if God has forgotten me or does not trust me.

Some Remedy

Helpful accusations are specific. Being told that I am totally bad hurts. It is actually mean and at least unwise. I should refuse to believe that I am totally bad.

Rather the opposite: I need to learn to trust and value my life even when a few thing have gone wrong. There are always new chances.

A Prayer for the Abandoned

Heavenly Father, I pray for my readers who may have feelings of being abandoned. Perhaps by a parent or a boy friend. Please Holy Spirit come to their aid. Fill the void with your loving presence and give them fresh thoughts of worthiness. Please send them persons who can listen to their pain. And help them to open up. Thanks for all the ways where you bring fresh life.


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