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I.M. 1 Oct 2020

I am. I do know that I exist. I am alive. New things are happening in my life. Every day is a new one and different from the previous ones. I am someone for I can think. I do have an imagination. I have a body.

It is OK

To be is more than not to be. 'To be' feels good. I am thankful that 'I am'. I am free. I have choices. I like my freedom. I like my life.

What would others say that I.M.

Half a year ago I asked a few people about my 2 biggest talents or qualities. I was pleased with the answers. My talents however do not define what I.M.

What I really am, is a child of God, because I have been baptized in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. And I believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I do not have to perform for that. I do not have to work for being a child. It is the gift of God.

knowing my

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