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Poor 14 Oct 2019

In Philippians 4:19 saint Paul says: "God will meet all your needs." Actually he did. And still I am afraid for poverty.
Even when I die, I am promised an eternal life with Him who loves me. And I am ashamed to say: "I am still afraid."
The sad thing is, that I miss the "simply being a child" of my loving Father.
Despite my fears, I allow God to bring me into the state of poverty. My life belongs to him.

Rejoice and be Glad (Gaudete et Exsultate)

68. Wealth ensures nothing. Indeed, once we think we are rich, we can become so self-satisfied that we leave no room for God's word, for the love of our brothers and sisters, or for the enjoyment of the most important things in life. In this way, we miss out on the greatest treasure of all. That is why Jesus calls blessed those who are poor in spirit, those who have a poor heart, for there the Lord can enter with his perennial newness.

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God will meet all my needs

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