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Pool of Love 1 Oct 2019

The neighbourhood of Eindhoven had two very dry years. The picture below shows a pond that has been affected by the dryness. It is just 1 km from the place where I live. Never in my life have I seen this pond dry.

Love Balance

When I do not receive enough love, my Love Pond runs empty. The result is that I feel lonely and dry. I will be easily irritated.

When I receive enough love, my love reservoir will be filled. As a result it is a lot easier to be kind and friendly to people around. Kindness begets kindness.

I can touch God's love in prayer. Prayer may help to restore peace which I have lost.
I am fortunate, Millet is always kind and loving.
Surely, I appreciate and need the love of family, friends and others.


Love is meant to flow. From what I receive, I can distribute.

an almost empty pool

This pool runs almost dry.

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