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Everyone 12 Oct 2019

If I am not thinking inclusively for all men of good will, I am hindering the coming of the kingdom of God. I believe that God likes to use the gifts and talents of all his children.

Rejoice and be Glad (Gaudete et Exsultate)

58. Not infrequently, contrary to the promptings of the Spirit, the life of the Church can become a museum piece or the possession of a select few. This can occur when some groups of Christians give excessive importance to certain rules, customs or ways of acting. The Gospel then tends to be reduced and constricted, deprived of its simplicity, allure and savour. This may well be a subtle form of pelagianism, for it appears to subject the life of grace to certain human structures. It can affect groups, movements and communities, and it explains why so often they begin with an intense life in the Spirit, only to end up fossilized… or corrupt.

John 1,12

But to those who did accept him
he gave power to become children of God.

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