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Saint Augustin 10 Oct 2019

In the coming days I may mention a few words about Pelagianism. This is where people value their own will and effort far more than God's grace. On a bad day I responded unfriendly on the quotation: I will do my best and God will do the rest. I lacked humility in my answer. The person who spoke those words said: It is written in the bible. I doubted. In Pope Francis' writing I found an interesting quotation from Saint Augustine.

Saint Augustine Quoted.

God commands you to do what you can and to ask for what you cannot, and indeed to pray to him humbly: Grant what you command, and command what you will

That sounds better to me.
I still feel ashamed for the lack of humility and kindness I showed to a fellow believer who said, God will do the rest. Which is a frequently heard saying in my country.

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