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Toothpaste 11 Oct 2018

John and Peter were members of a residential community. They had high standards and were courageous people. They shared everything in common. It was a dream.

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The toothpaste.

Now comes the toothpaste in the story. A harmless tube of toothpaste.

One day John came home from his work, had his meal and wanted to brush his teeth.

The toothpaste however had vanished.

Peter's toothpaste was finished. He said: we share everything, took John's toothpaste.

Peter did not bring back the toothpaste; did not buy a new tube of toothpaste for himself; did not even leave a note.

End of a dream

That night John's dream died. It had not just been this event alone. John left the community and began a different life.

God draws me to build community. I look for a community with people who are respectful and responsible.

Being part of a community requires from the members that everyone must do his or her share to live in harmony with the others.

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