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Specific 24 Oct 2018

Specific is a relatively modern word. The first appearance of the word is around 1740.

Being specific is important with respect to faith. If we are not too specific in our expectations, it is very unlikely that the very thing will happen.

The opposite is not necessarily a truth. When I have a very specific expectation, it is not sure that my dream will materialize.

Still, to have realistic and clear expectations is more close to thinking in realities than vague expectations.

pointing to the right thing

Do I really know what I want?

Frequently my expectations are unclear. And everyone around me knows and realizes that.

If I am a leader and I give unclear instructions, my workers will mess up things. And worse: it is my fault.

When I have clear specific expectations, I can make a plan and execute it. Often I am able to execute my plans with good results.


Specific does not mean immutable.

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