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School 20 Oct 2018

Place for Learning

If we are serious about learning we may go to a school. My parents sent me to school to learn reading and writing. It worked pretty well.

When you want to learn dancing you may attend a school of dance.

Schools present a variety of subjects

A good school will teach more and other subjects than what you would choose yourselves. Schools have studied the needs of students. Schools have studied how to administer knowledge and practice in effective ways to students.

place where we learn

Catholic School of Faith

In what way do catholics learn their religion? Is there really a school where I can go to learn to practice my faith?

In my limited opinion faith appears simple. On the other hand experience has shown me that I need more than a life to learn my lessons on faith.

What would I hope to learn?

So much. I would love to know a lot. Most of all I would learn to live a meaningful and joyful life with all people of good will in honor of God.

More practical:

  • I would like to learn how to love my neighbour. And how to stop hurting my neighbour.
  • I would like to learn how to pray. I would like to learn and practice a few principles of prayer.
  • I would like to learn how to die and become the new person that God intents me to be.
  • I would like to learn to be a team with my fellow people.
  • I would like to learn how to spread the Good news of Jesus.
  • Are there Catholic Schools of faith?

    (Please let me know if you know a good school for me. I would register today.)

    And perhaps yes, there are. They are called communities of committed people. Unfortunately there are few communities with good classes, teachers and coaches.
    When I am honest, what is lacking most: people who are willing to learn and pay the price to find ways to learn.

    Thanks for parents who have sent me to schools.

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