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Salvator 19 Oct 2018


A Saviour is a person who saves from trouble. Especially Jesus Christ is known as Salvator.

Today I like to write about Salvatoriaanse Gezinsadoptie. Translated from Dutch the name of this Dutch foundation might be Help to adopt poor families.

In the setting of this foundation, you could be a salvator for a poor family at various places in the world.

the person who bring redemption

In Short

The Salvatoriaanse Gezinsadoptie (SG) organises help to poor families in 21 different countries in Africa, Asia and South America. The organization has no paid staff. It works usually through religious missionaries with a Dutch origin. Those missionaries work with the local people in poor areas.

Donations come usually from Dutch persons or families who support a family in need with a regular monthly gift. The donations are Dutch Tax deductible.

The SG foundation aims to support the poorest among the poorest families. Around Christmas the missionaries try to care for thanksgiving letters with a pictures from the family. Sometimes the letters need translation.

Interested and living in or near the Netherlands?

You can contact the SG for more information in Dutch or English language at:
Jan Schilt: +31 (0)617489328
William Kuipers: +31 (0)610212199

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