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Roos 6 Oct 2018

Roos Zuidervaart painted the picture below.

She is the youngest daughter of friends. Roos is the Dutch word for rose. When she was young she had been praised that she always used to the full area of her paper for her drawings and paintings. Every corner was used.

untitled 2015

Use your talents

Roos has developed her talent, has studied arts in Belgium and still lives in Brussels.

Today I invite you to imagine yourselves as a paper that can be used to paint a nice picture. I invite you to use all the areas on that paper that represent your life.

I invite you to make an image of your life and to paint and envision what you would like to see happening in your life. Be courageous! Make something beautiful. Use all the areas!

a P.S.

Roos has certainly inspired me to make pictures for my website! Thanks a lot, Roos!

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