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Prayer 21 Oct 2018

Principles of Prayer

I would like to discuss a few thoughts that may help to pray orderly. I am not saying that disorderly prayer is forbidden, but perhaps it is less effective.

Prayers is about who God is and about who I am.

Please pray to the God of life, the creator of heaven and earth. Or at least through a godfearing intercessor.
Prayer is about communicating in love and respect for all.

It could start with acts of presence. God, you are here. Here I am. I want to meet you.

If there is no desire to meet, we may be seeking shortcuts and quick solutions. Being in the presence of God already heals and helps.

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We may tell God everything. It does not mean that my story is true or correct. If you are wise: when you have spoken, then wait for God and let Him minister in your Spirit. How? Then God can refresh or brighten your thinking. You can not convince God of things that are not true, unkind or doing damage to yourself or others.

If I ask God to solve my problem, and I refuse responsibility to do the work that I could do myself, then I make God my servant. Dear God, please solve my problem. I think my attitude should be to serve God. God, I see this issue. How can it be solved? The problem hurts me. What do you want to happen? What can I, as your servant, do?

Pray for the daily needs

Jesus teaches: ask for your daily bread. Do not pray for things that you can not manage. When I pray, father God, make me the boss over 50 persons, that is disorderly, because I may mess up the task.

I should pray for what I can manage or for where I can grow in caring for new things.

We may ask God to care for all the needs that are too big for us.

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