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Plenty 17 Oct 2018

Plenty sounds to me like having more than enough or more than needed. When I have 'plenty' of something I start wondering what I can do with the excess.

When I am honest, for me enough is enough is a good quantity. Thus with having plenty of something I have a problem. It is perhaps too much for me and I may have to care for the excess.

more than enough

What to do with the Plenty?

When I have plenty of time, I may feel bored and begin to look for distractions, usually somewhat disorderly.

When I have plenty of food, it spoils or I have to overeat and feel bad.

When I have plenty of water, I may experience a flood.

When I have plenty of love, I may start to spoil a few persons.

God is Love

Does God's love overflow? Perhaps few people would confirm the plenty of His love.

If God is true I would expect that His love is overflowing. So I am blind or there must be a good reason.

My best guess is that I am hindering the flow of God's love. Most probably at the output side. I am not as generous as I should be.

I also realize that if the power of His love would hit me, I would perhaps drift without control in the flood.

Would I trust God by giving up my control and opening for His plenty?

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