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Permanent 25 Oct 2018

Permanent reminds me to a variety of things:
- a permanent magnet
- the beard of Abraham that grows very old
- something that endures forever, like a permanent deacon. Once a deacon, always a deacon.

What would you expect me to write about those things?

The beard of Abraham

I never met the ancient father of faith. He got a good old age of 175 years. That is still not permanent. Abraham brought however forth the Jewish people. Jesus was one of his many descendants. And this Jesus can lead me to permanent, eternal life. And the beard of a Jew is never to be shaved, it is to be permanent.

for always

A modern parable.

The Kingdom of God is like a permanent magnet. Once magnetized, it stays magnetic forever, permanent. And once magnetized it draws all iron particles, that on their turn as well get magnetized.

Whoever is prepared for the permanent life should draw others to the permanent life.

What about the Deacon?

And whoever wants to be in the kingdom of God should participate in the mission of the permanent deacon. He or she should be permanent in the care for the needs of the poor.

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