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Mirror 14 Oct 2018

A mirror helps us to see ourselves. Our mind however does distort our self-image. Either for the better or the worse.

Typically we are so much used to the image we see in a mirror, that we are hardly surprised by what we see.

Writing about the self can help somewhat to clarify what we think about ourselves. Our written words can help to get a more clear image of our self.

change in small steps

Mirrors are rude

Words too can be rude. It helps when I can view myself with some humor, with a little smile.

By times I can smile about my dreams. I love them. I do take them serious. But not with a rudeness that kills them.

When I see my efforts to convince other people to participate in my dreams, by times I can smile. I seem to get nowhere. I observe my ineffectiveness.

Fortunately dreams never die.

What does a mirror tell me?

I am alive.

I can smile.

The most important benefit of a mirror is that I can see when my hair looks messed up. And that is easy to correct!

Thank God for mirrors and what I can see in my mirror.

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