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IQ 28 Oct 2018

Most people would know what IQ means. Some people boast on their IQ. Others do not worry about their IQ.

God cares about IQ.

For those who have a good IQ: please use you mind. And do not forget such in this fast world.

God has given you a mind to think. You should recognize the signs of the time.

For all who have a normal IQ

If you are not happy about important things in life: seek God and act, respond.
- Without thinking no good discernment is possible.
- Without thinking we can not observe the needs in the world.
- We need to translate what we see and hear into understanding. And then into response.
- Without thinking no good plan can be made.
- Without thinking we do not learn from our faults.

the quotient that annuls excuses

For all with some IQ

Know at least this: anyone is meant to be a child of God and to be loved.

Before I forget.

I.Q. means Intelligence Quotient.

N.E. means No Excuses.

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