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Insult 22 Oct 2018

Insult hurts

When did I last feel insulted? It is very rare that I realize that I have been insulted. Some 37 years back I have been insulted. It happened in my first week in my military service. No, it was not my sergeant or a superior, but a fellow soldier. He made an insult on my mother. I retorted him with a similar offense. And at that moment I learned that I could resist an offense.

I did not really need a lot of defense against insults. Perhaps I miss some of the insults that people apply to me. I do however have other weak spots where I like to retort.

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When I feel belittled, I feel angry. I have to forgive people who have belittled me in the past.

I may easily feel belittled when I am jealous. If I compare myself with others, then it appears as if I insult myself.

Do I insult or belittle others?

Unfortunately, yes. Some examples are:

- First of all when I do not listen well enough to what other people say or think.
- Second, when I talk too long.
- Third, where I correct people and where there is little need to do so.
- When I criticize someone else's country.

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