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Expect 3 Oct 2018

Expect Nothing

I just read on the Internet: Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed.

The problem is that you will try little. And finally you still may be disappointed.

a healthy church?

Expect Something

Expect a miracle and wait. Usually that kind of miracles does not materialize.

Expect and Act

If we want something we can make a plan and begin to execute that plan. Does that make sense?


We discern if what we want is according to God's will. If so we can ask God in prayer.

Now we can pray persistent. But it is enough to pray until we feel assurance that God will answer out request.

We need to do what we can do ourselves, especially when prompted by the Holy Spirit.

Discerning what the Holy Spirit does in our life takes practice and for important issues it is wise to have a Spiritual Director, who assists in the process of discerning.

Expect with courage!

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