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Equal 26 Oct 2018

In nature it is very hard to find two things which are exactly equal. In math it is hover easy to prove the equality of two items.

No two persons are equal. Nothing is equal to God. In a beautiful Christian song it says: Nothing compares to You.

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Desire for Equality?

An accurate reproduction of an image represents the original. Jesus reflects his heavenly Father.

I like to imitate Jesus.

If I would be equal to Jesus I am no more myself. Thus only in being not equal to Jesus I can be myself.

My imperfection tells me I am not God.

God knows I am not a perfect copy.

God can not accept unholy things. God can not accept what does not reflect His love.

Adoration transforms into His image

Whatever I adore and worship, that will little by little change my being.

How? Step by step I will try to absorb and learn what I like and what I love.

I like to worship this Jesus, the Son of God. I do not need to be equal. Then I loose my own identity.

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