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Desire 16 Oct 2018

I desire. I desire pleasant things, useful things, things that cause trouble to myself, impossible things.

The desire that I trust and like most is a meaningful life for many people to whom I can relate.

Evaluating desires

For some desires I am afraid. Some of my desires are lust: food, power, possessions and other things I am attracted to. Some of my desires are disorderly and may lead to sin. The desire itself can not easily be stopped or rejected. Although I know that my desire is not helpful I can not drive it out. I desire.

With some other desires I am afraid for failure or disappointment. Or I am too lazy to take responsibility to sort out if I can realize those desires.

Do you see where my fears are bigger than my desires?

There are as well desires and dreams where I failed various times, and I still go on to try afresh in somewhat different ways.

Perhaps my most import desires are to be in peace and to be loved. And I desire - I hope truly - to learn to love my neighbours better and more.

I desire life and still am frequently too fearful to fail or make mistakes.

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