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Courage 26 Oct 2018

It take courage to get something done. Frequently I postpone relatively simple tasks.


When it is laziness that holds me from doing a simple thing, I need some courage and get up and do it.


When fear for someone else or fear for failure hinders me to do a certain (good) thing, I need courage to conquer my fear.

what hinder us in acting


When I feel ashamed or unworthy, I need courage to conquer my shame and overcome my low self-image.

Sounds Easy?

I know it is not easy. Let us look a step deeper. Not to make it harder. Often there are difficulties in the decision making process that easily grow into excuses.


Perhaps my pride is one of my biggest excuses. It is not my way. Not invented here. My idea is good. Why should I change? My way is even better. And it should be done that way. One Microsoft employee wrote a book under the name:
I.M. Right.
(Actually I recommend his book for software and hardware engineers.)

Pride hinders Unity and Progress

When I am too stubborn to come to unity with my partners or even self, my plans, project and dreams will die. When I can not adjust my choice in life to come to a common (good) action, I will be lonely.

I pray for courage, perhaps the true Faith.

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