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Celebration 31 Oct 2018

our home with guests

Living Room

Yes, this is our living room in panorama view. A nice picture one of our friends made. I appreciate. I hope that our guests had a good time.

Not Happy

One person was not happy. That was me. I am still ashamed about it. It was one of the difficult moments in the year.

True, it was very noisy. Certainly too noisy for me. At such times I really may struggle with connecting to people around. I can only hear, understand a few words of the conversations.

The main reason that I was upset was about some feedback I had received in the days before. I had not yet been able to accept the changes coming forth from the feedback.

When it is hard to smile.

I assume almost everyone may have lonely moments.
There are - fortunately seldom - moments that I feel hurt in such a way that I am not willing to communicate with people around me.

Especially when this happens in my own home with a celebration, it is hard to explain to the people around.
I am not even sure if I like to leave the room or if I shall stay. And I feel ashamed for my inability to communicate.

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