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Blame 8 Oct 2018

Blaming the other

When I feel bad about what is happening in a team or group, it is easy to point to others.

This morning I found myself blaming the big boss of the company I work for. Actually I spoke bad about him.

In a discussion at home at the breakfast table about the circumstances in my work I got angry with a house mate. I argued with him about the correctness of some of his comments.

At the time I arrived at my work I came to my senses. I choose to inquire at our project leader and project manager if my accusations about the top-manager were correct.

My assumptions about the top manager turned out to be wrong.

pointing to the wrong one

The truth

In a fresh way I got aware what various frustrations in my work did to me. The details are not relevant for you as reader. Perhaps the business of life hindered the team I am part of to respond effectively to a number of issues.

I ended up with blaming, even blaming a top-manager who had no responsibility in my failure to respond more honest.

Some help to think different:

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