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Anger 15 Oct 2018

Anger is usually seen as negative. I am afraid for my anger. Perhaps I am even ashamed for my anger. My anger certainly has hurt other people. And I know that my anger has caused various difficult situations in groups of people.

Is there no use for anger? I believe there is a positive and good usage of anger possible. But normally I abuse the power of my anger.

Abuse happens when I just hurt people and then run away, leaving them defenseless.

That is named Hit and Run.

change in small steps

Response to anger

I am not that much interested in how I can control my anger. A reason is that stopping my anger does not solve the experienced problem or pain.

After an anger explosion, people may forgive me and settle ... usually without addressing the actual issue that caused the anger.

I want attention for the very thing that makes me angry and not for the anger itself.

Changed Mindset

I can express what I am concerned about and what kind of response I would appreciate.

Often (groups of) people try to evade responsibility for extra efforts.

May I ask you: When does anger become justified?

- My anger normally hurts more myself then the others.
- Anger tends to be ineffective unless change is realized.

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