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Alias 2 Oct 2018

What is a name?

We are known by our name. But in a mysterious way the thing we are called by may affect us more than we realize.

If a persons hears an attribute like ugly spoken over him frequently, I guess there is a good chance that he will feel ugly. If someone is addressed as Winner that may affect his performance. Some names have to be earned.

A name assigned to a person sticks to him for a long time. Therefore I dislike childish and unfriendly (nick)names.

a healthy church?

Biblical Aliases

Several persons in the bible received a new names with a different meaning: e.g. Abraham, Sara, Jacob, Peter, Saul.

Also quite some persons are nicknamed because of their performance.

Would I like a new name that affects me?

First I am thankful for the name I have been given. And I believe my name has affected my life.

If God would assign a new name to me, I would be grateful and I really belief that such a thing can affect my life in a surprising way.

What if I struggle with my name?

With God nothing is impossible. Even new names and a new eternal life.

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