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Matthew 3:7-9. The Elite 23 Nov 2022

The established Jewish leaders in the time of John the Baptist were the Pharisees and the Sadducees. Notice that perhaps the priests did not even go to be baptized. The priests had an assignment based on birth. They were a part of the tribe of Levi.

Now those leaders who had the courage to come to John for Baptism or out of curiosity had to hear a tough message. And I believe that it is a message equally suited for me.
Yes, in many ways I am a hypocrite. It is hard to do the (good) words I speak. It is easy to be lazy or to do bad things. It is however hard to love and care and to be responsible. I am responsible - as far as it depends on me, and it usually does - to live in good relationship with my neighbour. In John's words: "Produce fruits in keeping with repentance." As I read it: each follower of John and Jesus needs to go a way of continuously repenting from his bad ways. And I really, really hope that I make many mistakes. For what happened with the priests who did not even show up at John's ministry? Doing nothing and thus trying to be innocent, is not bringing forth any life.


Father God, teach me the art of "keeping with repentance".

Self Evaluation

I find myself often at the position of the missing priests, avoiding responsibilities and repentance in life.


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