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Matthew 1:11-12. Deportation to Babylon. 10 Nov 2022

Israel (Judah) had been deported to Babylon. King Jechoniah had been deported to Babylon. All hope for a future of Israel had been lost.

The new testament name Jechoniah was Jehoiachin in the old testament.
Despite the troubled condition of Israel, after 70 years, God brought back his people to the land of Israel.

In the centuries before the Babylonian deportation, the art of writing language had matured. And it resulted in more stable scriptures.
In the time of the Babylonian deportation, the practice of sabbath celebration in the synagogues began.


God, help us to see that in times of hardships all kind of new ideas emerge.

Self Evaluation

I can see that I make a bit messy start with the genealogy of Jesus. I like to emphasize that Jesus has an impressive history with his Jewish ancestors and all Israel.

The Kings of Judah

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