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I.M. Sacrificed 30 Nov 2021

Would I have been slaughtered in some ritual? If so, I would not be writing here. Would I have been affected by some rituals? Sure enough, "Yes."


It is a typical Sunday. I am in a church. There are some 100 other churchgoers. The preacher preaches things I do not agree with. At the end of the service, everyone is sent out without any opportunity to respond.
In the Bible (1 Tess 5,21) it says, "Test all things; hold fast what good is." And that in the context of prophecy, that is any word spoken in the name of God. In practice for me this means: if God speaks, if Jesus speaks, if a prophet speaks, if Mary speaks, if a priest speaks, if anyone speaks ...
then I (and others) should verify, find out what is good about the spoken word.

As a consequence, when I am not allowed to respond to preaching in my church, I feel manipulated and as if my free opinion is sacrificed. In such a place, I believe that the Holy Spirit can't operate safely.
Would that be a sin against the Holy Spirit?


Father God, teach me discernment and give me courage to speak (preferably in love.)

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