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I.M. Sabotaged 29 Nov 2021

Usually it is not others who sabotage my plans. They are seldom strangers, who sabotage my plans. Why would someone else boycott my plans? When my plans are not executed, usually I am the one to blame.
It is hard to accept this truth.

Obvious Reasons

  • When I do not execute a plan, it can not fail. True or not true? Think a moment. Aie, I did sabotage my own plan. And yes, that is a failure.
  • My presentation to others sucks. I may need to learn. In the mean time I take the responsibility. I could have verified the quality of my presentation.
  • I do not make small starts for bigger targets. Small starts should prove the feasibility.
  • I step out with the first small failures or criticism.
  • I may compete with others and criticize them. This a great way to spoil needed support. I damage my relationships.
  • I may be unwilling to use my capital or goods for fear of loosing them.

Am I really determined? Or do I sabotage my own dreams?


Father God, please give me more faith.

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