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I.M. Rushed 27 Nov 2021

Manila (picture) is a busy city. They have a permanent rush hour from early morning till late evening. The city has a 24/7 economics.
There is however another rush, not caused by the traffic. It is the poverty. Today I ask for some 'rush' help.


Imagine, I have a family with three school-going children. I have no regular job. Neither does my wife. What shall we eat for breakfast? How can I pay the school-fees for my children next week? I have no family around. I came from far to seek employment in the big city. I make my effort to earn a little with street vending. It is tough. I am not earning enough for my family. I feel exhausted, humiliated and afraid.
I may need to rob someone from his cell phone. I really need to pay the school fees.


I am board member of the foundation "Salvatoriaanse Gezinsadoptie". We support families in poor countries. In this time of Corona the poor families suffer extra.
I invite you to have a look on our website and please feel free to donate:


Father God, today I ask for help for the poor. Give me a generous heart.

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