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I.M. Robust 22 Nov 2021

Sometimes I behave like a rhino. I act like nothing can happen to me. I am just robust. I do not think. I just walk. As a result some people will either step aside or get hurt. I hardly notice.


By times I make things too complicated. Because I do not like to hurt someone, I make a long explanation what I want and why I want it. A simple example.
Millet stands between me and the drawer with plates. I say, "I need a plate." and I forget to tell that she stands in the way.
How much easier it would have been to ask: "Millet, could you please pass me a plate?"
The difference is that the second attempt comes with a simple and clear request, while the first attempt causes annoyance.

Another example. We have rented a room to John. He is just a couple of days in our house and is adapting to all our habits. John misplaces some garbage. I miss the mark with coming up with a complicated story how to handle all sorts of garbage. I observe Johns facial expression. He appears to be somewhat irritated and annoyed.
I am wondering if there had not been a more elegant solution. I try to learn. I make some attempts:
John, could you please place that kind of garbage in smaller pieces in this bag. I or Millet will move it on the road when it will be collected in our subdivision.
John you are doing fine with most of the garbage in our house. This kind of garbage could be placed better in the other box.

Some keys could be to keep the message friendly and compact. It may help to be more patient and to accept more small unimportant failures from others. They will learn over time. It is just more elegant than walking around as a Rhino.


Father God, teach me how to love and keep things simple.

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