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I.M. Robotic 21 Nov 2021

How do robots differ from people? Of course there are plenty of distinctions. A robot is not born. It is built and instantly - or after a little training - they can do their work. In those days robots are mainly used in the production industry. They are machines with a limited functionality. Humans take a long way of growing and learning. And over the years they grow in skills and capabilities.
Sadly, with humans the capability to learn decreases with age. They may end up operating robotic. No more learning and only production in the form of a boring life.


For sure the first half lifespan of a person is the most dynamic. At the age of 40 or earlier, most people reach the top of their performance. Wise persons begin to recognize more sharply their robotic responses in quite some situations. "I always have trouble with this kind of persons or with this kind of problems. And actually I mess it up." Not someone else causes the problems, but it is me acting robotic, automatic, inflexible and uncreative. I'd love to learn. But it is hard to undo 40 years of robotic training. I have been conditioned by my character and environment.

Second half of Life

I have two choices. I do accept and foster my robotic characteristics or I take up the challenge to become more flexible. Those who love their robotic disability can stop reading.
How many would be left reading here? Do you want a guess? One out of two? I would agree that most people would like to be different. Although, with no effort. Which is an illusion. It is the deep ingrained robotic thinking that I only can be what I am. Why bother to change? I always fall back in my habits. I am a robotic human. I am strong.
Now, perhaps 95% has left. To learn new habits in a 2nd phase of life is for the die-hards. It needs will, a little daily exercise, some teaching, some coaching and above all opportunity to practice new behavior.

Learn from Robots

If I want to learn something new, I must keep it simple. Be specific with one simple target at a time. Work on issues in the here and now. That is being productive. Robots can only learn and do simple things. And actually, I just am a tiny little bit smarter than a robot.


Father God, show me where I act robotic and especially where I forget to love first.

Picture at Doha airport in Qatar

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