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I.M. Robbed 20 Nov 2021

When I read in the bible, Jesus never has been robbed. Perhaps he gave freely to the needy. Can we steal from God? Can I be robbed from things which do not belong to me? Those are interesting questions.


When I freely give, I save someone else from the blame of stealing. God gives us freedom. Certainly we may make mistakes.
Am I however willing to give freely to the needy ones in the world? I never find it easy. And why? It is taken from my comfort and luxury. It feels like taken from my 'retirement-investment'. I have earned it. I may however die in the coming hour. I pray for more courage in my life. So that I do not steal from the poor in the world.

Robbed from what is not Mine

When I have been entrusted the care for some good, I am responsible when it would be stolen. I could rob God from the glory due to Him. What would that mean? God created me or us - when I understand correctly - for His glory. That could mean that I am supposed to live in such a way that God's character can be recognized in what I do. I should honor God with what I am entrusted. That is, my talents, my character and my belongings. Once more, when I die, I no more can use what has been entrusted to me in this life.
What is the character of God? Briefly said, love balanced with justice and wisdom. And thus am I entitled to love and live with wisdom, sometimes moderation. The hardest thing may be to minister justice. Because that is so hard for mankind, I need to pray. I need to ask God for help and outcome.
And once more I lack faith. I often forget to pray. I burden myself with impossible loads.


Jesus, please do not rob me from your Holy Spirit (Ps 51.) Please let him pray in me with his mysterious utterance of tongues. I need your Spirit.

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