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I.M. Ripped Off 19 Nov 2021

How would it feel when my identity is stolen? Someone can see all my secrets. Perhaps he can rob my bank account. Perhaps he or she will as well trick some of my friends. What shall I do?
Later I will face the question, what would happen when my password to Heaven would have been ripped off.


Yes, with some Internet accounts my password has been published by some hackers. Fortunately it did not damage me a lot. It however raised questions. "Would my password at other websites be compromised as well?
It is pretty inconvenient when some of my secrets are published on the Internet.

Heaven's Password

Imagine, I knock at heaven's door. Saint Peter asks me for my password. I answer with the name of Jesus. Then the good old saint says: "Sorry, your password has changed. Jesus does not know you.".

Heaven's password is the question: "Did you care for the least of my brothers?". You can read about it in the Bible: Matthew 25:31-45.
And thus finally, the worst rip-off in my life may be done just by myself. I only care little about the poor.


Holy Spirit, guide me in caring for the needy in this world.

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