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I.M. Rigid 18 Nov 2021

Railways are pretty rigid. Once a train moves, it can only follow the rails. Although rails may have switches, so that a train can be diverted. Thus a train still can change in a new direction.
Yes, I am rigid as well. It is not easy to change my direction. Sometimes I can make a switch. I can choose. It takes the power of my will and it may take repeated practice to maintain the changes.
I am not the only one who is rigid. I am however willing to change to a direction with a more simple life. I would require that I can trust such a life sufficiently.

Climate Change

I miss research on living in a new world with changed climate. As an example, in the Philippines (and other poor countries), the farmers struggle with extreme temperatures, typhoons and floods. How can they do farming despite those devastating extremes?
This should be a subject of research now. If there is no solution, those farmers perhaps need to relocate to areas with safer conditions. A simple life depends on farming or a healthy natural environment.


Father God, guide me in seeking new life opportunities.

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