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I.M. Rich 15 Nov 2021

In Europe one may have valuable banknotes of 200, 500 and 1000 Euro. You may have many of them. And then you are rich. They truly represent great value. They are legal means of payment. But when you go to a supermarket and want to pay with your 1000 Euro banknote, you will be rejected. No-one trusts those expensive banknotes. There are falsifications. And the cashier can't return your change.
Highly valuable things are mistrusted and sometimes not even recognized. Rich people may be mistrusted as well. They do have power.
When I am rich in words, once again I may be mistrusted.


When I want to communicate with a child, I need to use simple language.
When I want to communicate to a busy person I need compact and clear language.
When I need to communicate to a rich person, I first need to talk to his security.


Father God, teach me to connect to the rich people around me. Teach me about their security and walls of protection. Where I am rich, teach me to share with wisdom.

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