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I.M. Rewarded 14 Nov 2021

Reward plays a role in life. A reward motivates. It gives joy. It may have shadow sides. I may be rewarded for something, that gives satisfaction, but on the other end has caused trouble around me. The reward will taste bitter.


Of course I do like to be rewarded. Success may have a price.
When my wife is unhappy while I earn a reward, would the joy last long?
At many places in the world success has another problem. When I am successful, some people around me may show up to share in my fortune. Those could be colleagues, family or some evil force. Corrupt persons may seek to trap me or rob me from a part of my reward. "We have helped or protected you."
A sign of this time might be that qualified persons are assigned heavy workloads.

The choice is up to me: "Do I really want to strive for success and honor?" My personal answer is simple. I like to be successful in assisting others to become effective in life.


Father God, teach me to make others finding their way to rewards. Especially to the reward of eternal life with you.

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