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I.M. Revitalized 13 Nov 2021

Every day I use the same picture with my face. Now the picture is saved as "compressed" data. When I add new text or content to the picture, my daily update, I need to freshly code the compressed data. With this process each day my face degrades a tiny little bit. Most probably, all kind of details fade away little by little. It is like aging.
Time for some vitamins to revitalize my image.


I hire a painter. With some artful strikes of a paintbrush she brings new life into my face. As you can see in today's picture. The painter is happy. She gets her money. My picture may have added value. But I myself hesitate. My face looks weird to me.


Deep in me there is a device called my soul. My soul remembers my youth. And my soul remembers pretty well that great image which God has created. It is me. And God loved it. Now, during many days of life I made some small scratched on this soul. By times my soul got wounded. It lost some of its beauty.


At some point, and when I allow it, God's Holy Spirit may seek his dwelling in my soul or heart. He does a better job than the painter above. He does not paint the outside. He restores the soul, little by little. Although, at each step, I must allow the change. He is so polite and and quiet. He desires however. He loves to revitalize. He creates inner beauty.


Come, o come o Holy Spirit. Jesus, please beg your Father for revitalization of my soul.

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