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I.M. Revengeful 11 Nov 2021

Denying would be cheating. In truth when I am hurt, I like to revenge. I am not proud. And therefore I have to admit it.
I may drown myself in very insensitive and cruel thoughts about the ones I like to revenge on. It even may rob me from my sleep. Unfortunately I am human, imperfect.

Who Suffers?

My internal accuser hurts. He wants attention. And he gets it. My accusing voice is mean and comes with smartly distorted exaggerations. Terrible things have been done to me.

As long as I believe those unfriendly accusations, I dwell in pain.
An "Abracadabra" solution is to write down on a paper the negative thoughts in my head. Once they are specific, I can attack them and destroy those. The negative thoughts need to be killed. Not the one who has hurt me a little.


Jesus God, you who has been resurrected, bring me down to earth.

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