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I.M. Reunited 10 Nov 2021

Imagine, the charismatic leader of my team dies. My team feels devastated. All our hope has gone. Let us go home and take up our previous profession. In my case that would mean: William, go back to work and design Television Receivers. Actually I am too old for that.

Charismatic Leader

I imagine that the picture represents my team assembled around our "resurrected" Charismatic Leader. Actually his name is Jesus. Most probably Jesus does not want me to go back 30 years in my life and He does not want me to pick up the life just before He had changed my life. When I had not learned a few things in 30 years, that would be miserable.

A charismatic leader gathers followers to leave their old life behind them and then collectively move into the new Spirit inspired life. Not as individuals, but as a team.


Jesus God, re-unite your people and draw them into your spirit of unity. If that would be possible, re-baptize them. More-of-You. I love to see your charisms awakened.

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