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I.M. Restrained 8 Nov 2021

"Characterized by reserve or moderation; unemotional or dispassionate".
This morning I caused someone to keep his ears and mouth shut. I got a very defensive response. It is regularly in my life that I get defensive responses. Not many people consider changes in their life or service. I can understand that no-one finds it easy to behave in ways different from just a few moments before.
I am however stuck with people restraining themselves from creative thinking. They may behave as unwilling children. Actually as resisting and refusing grown-ups. Perhaps they can't believe in the working of the Holy Spirit.


The person I talked with this morning, responded in the following ways:
- "No, but ..." Being honest and fair he said perhaps: "Yes, but ..." And such in 60% of the answers to my thoughts.
- In answer to "how many", he answered: "I don't know." My suggestions like, "1%, 5% or 25%, could you make a guess?", resulted in an "I don't know".


I am. Period.
I was however speaking and asking about opening a blocked difficult situation.
Why the "I am"? Who else?
I guess the person I talked with, did not have a serious desire to change. Perhaps he wanted to be in control. You can't help a person who choses to be restrained.


Change has a cost. I must give up my ego. And as well, it is not I who can change someone else.


Father God, teach me to lay down my ego. Open my eyes and ears, and grant me the joy of your Holy Spirit.

Face with eyes and ears closed

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