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I.M. Responsible 6 Nov 2021

What is the meaning of "404"? That is on the Internet the response for "page not found". At least the server is so responsible to let you know that they could not find the requested page. Without the response, you would be waiting perhaps for 10 minutes without any indication. Being responsible shows care.


For being responsible, responses are required. When you do nothing, you are not responsible. Or ... your task is not very important.


I am expected to love my neighbor. When I take up my responsibility in the love-process, I need to respond. I need to do something. It may need creativity. It may need some thinking or dreaming. By times, I simple know already some need or wish of the beloved. When I over some time do nothing, then I am not loving and irresponsible. I might receive a "404" warning from the beloved.


Father God, make me a doer of your word. Give me joy and pleasure in caring.

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