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I.M. Respected 5 Nov 2021

How would you feel if I only respect you after death? Better late then never. I agree. When I am only respected after my death, I would not rest in peace. I would feel ignored and perhaps abused. I owe you respect. I as well deserve respect from others.


It could be a fear for an authority or a wild animal. I always need to be on my guard. This kind of respect may have a lot of wisdom. I protect myself. I however do not desire to be respected in such a way.
I rather would like to respect someone else by giving him the freedom to be him self. I do not want to prevent that person to use his talents and free expression. Even when I do not agree. I myself as well need that freedom. Criticism already may rob some of my freedom. I do not like to be criticized.
Since I like to relate in friendship with others, more is needed. For true respect, I desire some mutual influence in each others life. That is called cooperation. Without doing things together, I still feel disconnected.


Father God, let my respect be loving, accepting and inclusive for many. May it be before the time on a graveyard.

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