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I.M. Resisting 3 Nov 2021

There are many things in life I resist. Even lovely foods I can resist when I am full. I can try to resist sin ... alas I am not good in that. I like to share about resisting change. An utterly human problem. As an electronic engineer I am in testing. Engineers measure (test) resistance. It is very easy.


When I talk with Millet (my wife) I can often feel a serious resistance to accepting her ideas. By times I explain some of my resistance. And I even may be able to give up my resistance. Love can do miracles.
Perhaps I could measure my resistance in the number of arguments and reasons I can sum up. As soon as I mention my reason, I may laugh. I can see how ridiculous my reason is. It also occurs that Millet comes with a counter argument. We as well can negotiate about my resistance.
I observe that when I become specific about my resistance, I can deal with it easier.


Father God, teach me being specific in my resistance. Whether it is in procrastinating or in giving up sin.

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