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I.M. Resilient 2 Nov 2021

Back to normal. Back to business. It sounds easy. But when things go wrong and hurt, it is hard. Recovering from accidents and failures is important in life. All heathy persons make faults. Inventors make many faults. Engineers make faults. No student learns without faults.


Would God makes faults? He is God, all-knowing and super smart. Nothing can go wrong.
Although, God gave me a life and a free will. I can make mistakes. In nature all kind of things go wrong. The earth is warming up. Made-by God.
What is a fault or a failure? Perhaps just an opportunity for a new beginning. Thank God for life. No need to be perfect.


Father God, you are more than my mistakes and shortcomings. Help me to enjoy my shortcomings and to enjoy the chaos of this world. Teach me how to love my neighbours.

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