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I.M. Resigned 1 Nov 2021

Several times in my life I resigned from a job. To be resigned has quite a different meaning. I have to accept something inconvenient and unwanted. There is no choice. It is something intensely important in life. I can't set all the rules in this world. And often I have to accept patiently what happens to me.

Open Hands

Sitting with open hands is a symbol for patiently waiting without criticism. It is not easy. I like to control things. I want to see progress. I am aware of two kind of situations where I should sit with open hands and where I fail.

1. With listening to others, I frequently start to give suggestions and advice. I also may deny what the other person feels or experiences. I miss the opportunity to build trust with the other person. First I need to be kind and patient to his or her reality. It does not mean that I agree with everything.

2. When something unpleasant or annoying happens to me, I rebel. I fight against it. As a result my mood sinks to the level where I spoil my day and the day of others. Over the years, I have learned to accept my bad luck. I take the unavoidable difficulty as much as possible with a smile.
Of course I may feel pain and disappointment with a loss.


Father God, I am thankful for the life you offer to me. Even for difficulties and challenges.

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