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I.M. Embarrassed 30 Nov 2020

Being invited to our king's birthday party would certainly make me feel embarrassed. I would have no idea how to behave in the presence of the king. Similarly, meeting God may give me some uncertainty.
For the time being it is more likely that I embarrass my wife, family, friends and colleagues. Especially those in authority over me. It may happen that I let them down. I bear guilt about that.
When I am lazy or too late with starting to take responsibility for my duties, I may embarrass myself.

Too Late

When the time comes that I stand embarrassed before someone, it is too late. Assume that I could have I avoided the situation, I feel guilty. I like to hide, sink into the ground.
The only thing which can save me is 'grace'.


Grace is an act of love. It is pitying the offender. It is almost like feeling that I am the offender. How would I feel?
John 3:16 says:
"God so much loved the world, that He sent his only Son (Jesus Christ), so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but have eternal life."
God comes to my aid when I am actually lost, condemned by myself.


Father God, I want to thank you for all those who have grace with me. Please teach me to be kind and patient with persons who have disappointed me.


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