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I.M. Efficient 29 Nov 2020

With some things I am efficient and there are other matters where I am inefficient. One can't be good at everything. To increase my efficiency I need the help of others.


I may have a talent to simplify all kind of things. Simple solutions for problems are easy to use. They are easier to understand. Finding simple solutions is often a lot of work. It gives however a great satisfaction.

Simple Life

Is it possible to simplify life? Yes it is.
1. I can ask for help. I can cooperate with others.
2. I should not try to invent what already has been invented before. The word research demonstrates that nicely: re-search. Search what already has been done before, what is already available.
3. Do not require too much. Set achievable goals. Tune your life-targets into doable tasks. Take time to think what you want and have courage to adjust plans.

Basic Community

For a simple life, it is needed that we trust one another. If I can't trust God, I do not trust life (Jesus says that He is the life.) If I do not trust the people who relate to me, everything slows down and much becomes impossible.
What to do if my trust has been broken? I need to communicate my need for trust. It is important that healthy persons learn to be accountable and teachable. Otherwise, the much needed trust will not settle.


Dear God, I seek to trust you. It is only possible when I make myself accountable, open to you. Where I still hide my true self and where I doubt you, help me to admit my need for trust. Trust requires that I am transparent, simple and thus efficient in communicating. Teach me your 'spirit'.


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