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I.M. Dutiful 26 Nov 2020

What is the duty of an engineer, like me? It may depend on his job and position. Perhaps an engineer is a kind of manager on technical issues. First you need to understand what a client seeks to be realized. Then you need to explore a number of possible solutions. Engineers seldom invent things. They typically use well known and trusted concepts. Before a design can be released, it needs a lot of verification and testing. Because of simplicity I left out the logistic process like planning, estimating the costs and efforts and convincing clients and bosses of the chosen concepts. An engineer uses his mind, knowledge and experience. Seldom the engineer's work is a one man job. He normally works in a team.
Nowadays, without his computer and engineer is nothing.

Kingdom Duty

The kingdom of God is populated by the children of God. They are supposed to be servants. The servants ought to work in teams as well. Children are as well supposed to be children, that means trusting and enjoying life supported by a parent. It is a life in the love and security of two parents.
God is slightly more than two parents: He/She consists of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
I am chosen to enjoy and live in the goodness of God.


Please teach me my god-given duty. I know it is to love ... and to enjoy. Father, please teach me being a child of you.


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