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I.M. Drunk 25 Nov 2020

Usually I am calm. When I was young I got drunk once in a while. I am first questioning about the I, if and how I sedate myself into a state of incapability to act on important matters. Later I will question if the church fails to act and perhaps exists in an intoxicated, incapable state.

Sedating Myself

Ask someone nowadays 'How are you?' and he or she will answer 'I am good.'. When Jesus was addressed as 'good master', He answered: 'God alone is good.'
I do not just sedate myself with wine, but also with excuses. And with God, there are no excuses. I am a servant. Thus if I am not acting on important issues, I disappoint my good Master.

Kinderbijslag Affaire

Sorry, it is Dutch. In those days our second chamber (house or senate) rehearses our previous Secretaries/Ministers of Finance and Social affaires about malfunctioning of our Tax departments towards a large group of parents with children. It is seriously rehearsed. Things went wrong. And some 'systems' need to be repaired or improved.

Vassula and Corona

The 'well known' prophetess Vassula claims that the duration of the Corona crisis may be extended if there is no conversion. Not begging God for outcome. No, no, I need to change my life. And actually God requires that from each of us, you and me. Perhaps God as well asks conversion from the churches.

Church Self Investigation

I am a Catholic. Therefore my limited knowledge applies mainly to the Catholic Church. Does the church need conversion?
Well, I know this for sure: the church in the Netherlands is not growing, and perhaps it is in a sedated state where 'she' gives little support to her members to convert individually.
The church is not very democratic. That does however not mean that the functioning of the church is beyond exploration. The church exists to honor God by helping ordinary people to live a holy life. And - if so - it needs to be investigated what is done and what the results are. No-one would believe that empty buildings bring God the requested honor. A building is dead. And God is the God of the living, and not the God of the sedated.


God, please teach me and my church to bring forth life. Please redeem us from our sedated state. Pour out your Spirit over our land. Corona is nothing compared to God.


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